Trademark Guidelines


Trademark Guidelines for XPMarket Logo and Name

This document provides guidelines for using XPMarket's trademarks, specifically the logo and name, which are owned by STEM NFT LTD, a UK registered company. These guidelines aim to protect and maintain the consistency, visual identity, and legal rights of the XPMarket brand.

This policy covers all of our trademarks and services marks, whether they are registered or not, including, among others:

  1. The trademarks and service marks: XPMarket®, XPM™
  2. XPMarket logos.

By using our trademarks, you agree to follow these guidelines and all applicable laws.

1. Use of XPMarket Name

When using the XPMarket name in any text format, always use it in its entirety, with the correct capitalization of "XPMarket." The name should not be combined with other words, logos, or symbols or altered in any manner that might affect the visual or legal integrity of the trademark.

2. Use of XPMarket Logo

The XPMarket logo is a key element of our brand's visual identity. When using the XPMarket logo, follow these guidelines:

a. Do not modify the logo. Users should not alter the logo's design, colour, proportions, or any other elements. b. Maintain clear space. The logo should always have ample clear space surrounding it to prevent visual clutter. Do not place other elements, text, or graphics too close to the logo. c. Maintain legibility. When resizing the logo, ensure it remains clearly visible and legible in all formats and sizes. d. Use approved versions. Only use the approved and provided versions of the logo. Do not attempt to recreate or modify the logo on your own.

3. Prohibited Uses

The following unauthorised uses of the XPMarket name and logo are strictly prohibited:

a. Combining with other logos or trademarks without permission. b. Modifying, altering, or attempting to create a derivative work of the logo or name, including changing their colours, design, or proportions. c. Associating the XPMarket name or logo with any false, misleading, offensive, or illegal content, products or services. d. Implying affiliation, endorsement, or sponsorship of your organization or product by XPMarket without obtaining prior written permission.

4. Prior Permission

Users seeking to feature the XPMarket name and/or logo in any form of commercial product, marketing, advertising, or promotional material must obtain prior written permission from XPMarket. Include all relevant information regarding how the trademark will be used and ensure that the request complies with these guidelines.

Please submit your request for permission to:

STEM NFT LTD Address: 71-75 Shelton Street, London, Greater London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ Email: [email protected]

5. Enforcement and Reporting Misuse

XPMarket is committed to protecting its trademarks and enforcing these guidelines. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in legal action. If you notice any misuse of the XPMarket name or logo, please report it to the aforementioned contact email.

6. Modification of Trademark Guidelines

XPMarket reserves the right to amend these Trademark Guidelines as needed. The most up-to-date version of these guidelines can be found on the XPMarket website, and users are encouraged to review them regularly to stay informed of any changes.

Date last updated: 2023-07-21