Daily Auction



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Winning bid222 XRP~$118.9





Based on the provided transaction data, there are a total of 15 unique participants in the NFT auction. The highest transaction amount recorded was 222, and the overall engagement of the event can be characterized as active and diverse, with multiple transactions taking place within a short time period.

About Daily Auction

What is this page?

This page is dedicated to our daily NFT auctions, where a new NFT from a select collection is featured for bidding each day. Every day, you will be able to bid and compete for a new and unique NFT.

Our daily auction allows participants to bid on NFTs from a specific collection. Each day, one NFT is featured in the auction. When the auction for that NFT concludes, a new NFT becomes available for bidding the following day. This process ensures a fresh opportunity every day to acquire a unique NFT from our curated collection.

Bee Ninja NFTs are digital profile pictures with built-in utility. By owning one of these digital avatars, you will be able to earn additional rewards when doing quests and tasks. Extra perks may be unlocked in the future!

The Auction Bomb is a rule implemented to maintain fairness and excitement in the auction process. If a bidder places an unusually high bid, the auction may end unexpectedly. This unpredictability helps discourage manipulation and keeps the competition lively and fair for all participants.