NFT Volume:

$ 15,024

Market cap:

$ 134,461,450

CEX Volume:

$ 2,211,480

DEX Volume:

$ 534,550

XRP price:

$ 0.53

NFTs explorer

Leverage the most powerful, fast, and convenient way to find Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the XRPL. Utilize our search filters to find the best NFT match based on keywords, address, and other criteria. Once you've found the perfect NFT, click on it to visit its own details page and learn more.


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Q: What is NFT Explorer?

A: NFT explorer allows you to search and discover NFT collections and individual NFTs based on your selection criteria or via a free search. Simply put: we display every single NFT minted on XRP Ledger.

Q: How does NFT explorer work?

A: You can search your XRPL NFTs using certain keywords. For example, if you search for "Bored Apes" the pages will be sorted according to the relevant key words. Insert an issuer address into a corresponding field and the page will show all NFTs issued by this wallet.

Q: Is XPMarket a marketplace?

A: XPMarket is not an XRPL NFT marketplace, but rather a data aggregator and analytics platform that allows users to search both individual NFTs and whole collections. Our visitors can inspect key parameters, such as volumes, valuations, transfer history, current marketplaces where NFTs are listed, etc. However, we provide tools to buy, sell, create and accept NFT offers.

Q: How to create NFT on XRPL?

A: XPMarket does not provide tools to create NFTs on XRP Ledger. In order to mint, an NFT on XRPL third-party marketplaces have to be used.

Q: I am an owner of an NFT collection, how do I update the information?

A: If you are an XRPL NFT project and your collection is missing some data on XPMarket, you can reach us out on using your official account and request the changes.

Q: Do you have an NFT calendar?

A: There is currently no NFT calendar available on XPMarket. If you'd like to track upcoming XRPL NFT projects, we recommend following their social networks.

Q: I want to list an NFT, do I have to pay listing fees?

A: No, listing fees are 0% on XPMarket.

Q: What is an issuer fee?

A: The issuer fee is the same thing as a creator fee. It displays the percentage of a transaction that will be sent to the NFT creator. This parameter is not controlled by XPMarket or any other marketplace, as it is determined by the creator itself. You can check the royalty % set by each creator on the item's page.

Q: What is a broker fee?

A: A broker fee is a commission deducted from all sales that were facilitated by a given marketplace. Each marketplace can set its own commission percentage.

Q: What are the fees on XPMarket?

A: XPMarket takes 1.5% on all transactions. XPMarket honours the royalties set by creators.

Q: What currencies can be used to buy NFTs?

A: Most NFT sales are settled in XRP, but some NFTs or collections may set a different currency supported by XRPL.