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What is an IDO (Initial DEX Offering)?

An Initial DEX Offering (IDO) is a decentralised and non-custodial crowdfunding event where new tokens are made available for purchase on a decentralised exchange (DEX). This allows participants to acquire tokens directly from the DEX by placing limit orders, which are filled once predefined conditions, such as reaching a hard cap and the required number of participants, are met.

During an IDO, participants can purchase tokens by connecting their self-custody wallets to the platform hosting the IDO. They place limit orders on the DEX at a fixed price. Once the hard cap and the required number of users are reached, the orders are filled, and tokens are distributed. This process culminates in the token generation event, where tokens are officially minted and distributed to the participants' wallets. The process and conditions might be different based on the individual projects and their targets.

New IDOs are planned regularly to expand the ecosystem and provide more opportunities for participation. The platform reviews applicants on a rolling basis, and new projects are made available as soon as they are approved. Stay tuned for updates on the platform's official channels and website for the latest information.

To prepare for the next IDO, ensure you have a compatible self-custody wallet set up, stay updated with the platform's announcements to know the participation requirements and timeline, and consider following guides and resources on how to participate effectively in an IDO.

While a consistent and fair process is aimed for, the terms and conditions of future IDOs may vary based on the evolving needs of the platform and community. Detailed information will be provided ahead of each event.

Funds raised in an IDO are typically used for project development, marketing, team expansion, and other activities that support the growth and success of the project.

The ability to sell tokens immediately after an IDO depends on the specific terms set by the project. Some projects may have lock-up periods or vesting schedules that restrict immediate selling.

To apply to launch your project on an IDO platform, visit the platform's website and navigate to the 'Launchpad' section. Complete the application form with detailed information about your project, including your project’s vision, team, roadmap, and any relevant technical details. Once the form is filled out, submit the application for review by the platform's team.

After submitting your application, the platform's team will review it to ensure it meets their standards and aligns with their ecosystem. The review process involves evaluating the project's viability and potential impact, assessing the technical and business aspects of the project, conducting background checks on the team members, and ensuring compliance with regulatory and security standards.

If your project is approved, you will be contacted by the platform's team to discuss the next steps. This includes finalising the launch plan and timeline, preparing marketing and promotional materials, setting up the necessary technical infrastructure, and announcing the launch to the community and potential investors.

For more information or assistance with the application process, you can contact the platform's team through their official communication channels.

Participating in an IDO carries risks such as market volatility, the potential for project failure, security risks associated with managing your wallet and private keys, or any other unforeseen circumstances. It's important to conduct thorough research and understand these risks before participating.