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What is Original Cards page?

Original Cards - Welcome to the realm of Original Cards, a distinct NFT collection, brought to life by OnChain Whales. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere where creativity gets absolute freedom, promoting an environment conducive to envisioning and constructing personal NFT art. Our Original Cards provide users with a pioneering and inclusive platform, establishing a new epoch of decentralisation. Our audiences have a say in both the aesthetics and value of their NFT art. The thrill of distinct artistic interpretation is rewarded with a plethora of utility aspects associated with this intricate collection. Holders have the liberty to burn any combination of their Original Cards and redeem their own artwork, resulting in a deflationary NFT collection that is saturated with unique, user-generated artwork. Our platform showcases the essence of individuality and self-expression, subsequently highlighting the authenticity of this collection. 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder' - this statement takes on a significant resonance with the Original Cards collectibles. Here, beauty is not merely a subjective concept, but a tangible commodity expressed through the digital format, ready for you to envision and actualize. Embrace the opportunity to Customise, Digitise and Equalise your own unique work of art within our NFT collection.