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Salvador Dalí and Pablo Picasso were two of the most influential artists of the 20th century, known for their innovative styles and avant-garde approach to art. While both artists were primarily focused on painting, they also had an interest in food and culinary arts. Salvador Dalí was particularly known for his interest in food and his love for the gastronomic pleasures of life. He was a skilled cook and often hosted elaborate dinner parties, which he viewed as a form of artistic expression. He even wrote a cookbook called 'Les Dîners de Gala' in 1973, which features surreal recipes with equally surreal illustrations. In terms of food art, Dalí was known for his iconic 'lobster telephone,' a sculpture that combined a functional telephone with a lobster as the receiver. He also created a series of sculptures that resembled melting watches, which were inspired by the concept of time and the malleability of reality. Pablo Picasso, on the other hand, was known for his love of simple, rustic food. He was a fan of traditional Spanish cuisine and often incorporated it into his artwork. In fact, one of his most famous paintings, 'The Old Guitarist,' features a loaf of bread and a bowl of fruit in the foreground. In terms of food art, Picasso created a series of still life paintings featuring food and drink, such as 'Still Life with Basket of Fruit' and 'Bottle of Vieux Marc, Glass, Guitar and Newspaper.' These paintings feature realistic depictions of food and drink, often arranged in interesting and dynamic compositions. Overall, both Salvador Dalí and Pablo Picasso were artists who had a deep appreciation for the pleasures of food and drink. While Dalí was more focused on the surreal and avant-garde aspects of food art, Picasso's approach was more traditional and realistic.

Dalí & Monsieur Picasso #8027

Dalí & Picasso Food Art

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