xSTIK - xARMY046



NFT description

xSTIK Army - Ground Forces is a limited collection of 100 Rare Tier xSTIK NFT cards, minted to XLS-20 NFT standard. Now it's time to call in the Army! Forward MARCH! SPECIAL UTILITIES on FIRST sale: -Rare Tier BOOSTED NFT. Starts from 3 point NFT Richlist value and increases to 6, one point monthly. -10 random cards of the total 100 receive 1000 XRP money back. -After all cards sold, we raffle 10 x 100k $xSTIK Tokens to to the owners. -All buyers receive PHYSICAL NFT card with Sumi Stik's autograph sent by mail. Claim your card many NFTs do you own? Come join other collectors to the best community in cryptos xSTIK NFT App to see all NFTs, Richlist positions and Reward Systems at: See $xSTIK Token Richlist at: Visit Custom NFT Workshop to order your OWN NFT by




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